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Network Installation

By the Industry Experts

Proper network installation is best left to the pros. Although the average businessperson is more tech-savvy today than in the past, it takes a team of highly experienced, well trained IT professionals to successfully install an intricate network for SMBs and enterprise businesses alike. The knowledgeable staff at TechSys Solutions are constantly being educated on the latest technology, products and network installation practices.

We provide an ongoing comprehensive training program for our technicians to ensure that our staff is up to speed on the latest technological advancements and services. Our technicians have three to ten years of experience with a variety of networks and have extensive certification. When you hire professional network computer installers, you'll want to make sure they understand certain industry standards. If you've ever taken a good look at the back of your server, the variety of cables and cords can boggle the mind. Each cable is different and therefore comes with different standards. The network installation professionals assigned to you by TechSys Solutions make sure your cables and components are current and comply with industry and national standards. They also make sure the entire network installation is fully tested and certified.

Secure Network Installation

You'll also want a secure network computer installation. At some point, every business is faced with data loss due to anything from user error to debilitating viruses to natural disasters. You cannot afford to lose the business-critical information that your company thrives on. Companies that experience extensive data loss don't survive, and your business is no exception. The documents and communications within your computer are not completely safe even after hitting the "save" button. Network installation by TechSys Solutions ensures your entire infrastructure is as safe and fail proof as possible, with technicians available to monitor and track your data and answer your questions. We can also recommend additional solutions that will further secure your network like server mirroring, migration and hosting, completely transitioning your architecture to a working infrastructure.

Our network installation professionals come with a proven track record, an enduring commitment to customer satisfaction, and the expertise your business needs. Plus, the excellent reputation we have in the computer network industry is spreading. Many of our new customers are referrals from satisfied clients! We build relationships, understand your business process and manage your network installation seamlessly.

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