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Backup Assessment

After the Information Systems Backup & Data Protection assessment is performed by TechSys Solutions steps can be taken to eliminate any threats and vulnerabilities that were discovered and to improve on the overall awareness of Backup and Data Protection related issues.

After the systems are presumed effective by TechSys Solutions, an organization should continuously assess threats and vulnerabilities using automated tools. Full Backup & Data Protection assessments should also be scheduled periodically to ensure that an enhanced level of Backup & Data Protection is maintained and up-to-date best practices are followed.

Information system backup and data protection requirements are constantly evolving and changing. What is presumed effective today may not be sufficient for the needs of tomorrow? Therefore, this information systems Backup & Data Protection report should be viewed not as a destination, but rather a continuing journey.

A Backup & Data Protection assessment, that we can offer, provides tangible and intangible value to the organization being reviewed and should be seen as the first crucial step in managing data protection risk. attempts to quantify the real value of an improved Backup & Data Protection Plan based on assessment and modification.

In short, a Backup & Data Protection assessment's value can be can be expressed by the cost savings derived from the processes of optimizing the Backup & Data Protection plan, improving efficiencies, enhancing availability, and improving risk management. Studies have shown that environments that have implemented enhanced Backup & Data Protection technology will perform better and be more reliable than insecure environments.