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Techsys Solutions - Services

Computer Service

We offers the highest quality for all our customers to provide the best possible service, fixing any problems in Computers. We are always training to perfect our delivery so that we can offer the very best in customer care to all our clients.

Web Designing

Having a website made allows you to create a presence on the ever growing internet as well as being recognised in the field you specialise in. By having yourself promoted online you gain the ability to reach a greater audience at any time.

Networking / CCTV

Our technicians are involved with system administration & Network Configuration, So we will help you with all your home and office networks with various networking equipment including routers, switches, wireless networks and CCTV.

Techsys Solutions Computer Services

Our company offers services of computers repairs, hardware maintenance, Laptop Repair of Hp, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Acer and more, Virus Removal, Mac Repair, Wireless Networking.

  • Laptop Services

    TechSys Solutions is a service center for Laptop repairs and Notebook repairs. We can either repair your laptop or notebook on-site in your home or business or optionally in our lab located in Ambattur, Chennai.

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  • Desktop Services

    Everybody will occasionally experience a problem with their PC or laptop that they simply cannot fix themselves. That is when it is useful to be able to contact someone for help.

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  • Network Services

    Small to midsized businesses have been left out of the IT loop in the past due to cost constraints and network complexities. But with the increasing dependence on electronics and technology

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  • IT Risk Assesment

    Managing IT can be a risky endeavor because your entire company thrives on the information stored on computers and servers. Research shows that a company that experiences

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  • Backup Assesment

    After the Information Systems Backup & Data Protection assessment is performed by TechSys Solutions steps can be taken to eliminate any threats and vulnerabilities

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  • Wireless Network Services

    If your business is feeling confined to the limited flexibility of cables and cords, go wireless with the help of TechSys Solutions. Wireless network installation can provide your company the mobility it needs to increase productivity

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Multi-Platform Reseller

TechSys Solutions has a team of Computer Professionals specialized in all aspects of computer operations, including sales and installations of single personal computers for home or small office use as well as the more sophisticated, completely integrated systems designed for small and medium size businesses. In addition, our staff will assist you, if need be, in getting the most of your existing equipment by increasing its performance or suggesting additional hardware for more capabilities. We are familiar with all operating systems version from Microsoft, Linux and Mac and we can also configure a personalized systems better adapted to your needs. Once we understand your specific needs, we will make the adequate recommendations to suit your needs. As our work is fully guaranteed, not only the installation is without fault, but also proper maintenance is insured.